Vidor CN429 "My Lady Margaret"

Year: 1955
Bands: MW, LW
Valves: DK96, DF96, DAF96, DL96
Cost: Nothing
Batteries: L5040/AD35 (1.5V), L5512/B126 (90V)

Another rather bonny 1950s battery portable, using the same four 1.4V valves as the Pye P114BQ. This model is definitely "Lady Margaret" but for some reason isn't visually marked as such. This one is of different internal construction, being point-to-point wired as opposed to the printed circuit of the Pye.

The first fault turned up during routine measurement; the output transformer primary was, surprise surprise, open circuit. A spare was sourced, again from the supply of 396 parts. The set was then powered up from the batteries I had made for the Pye. Apart from a click when power was applied and slight hiss from the speaker, nothing else was forthcoming.

With a good set of valves the set worked; it seems that all the supplied valves were low emission.